October 04, 2023

Yazo Chat Update & Core Optimizations

Dear users, thank you for your support and valuable feedback. We are constantly improving Yazo and adding new features to our AI content generator. Here we bring news about some notable updates that we've added last week.

Yazo Chat now features a fresh new design. We've added prompt character counter, and made the input field look better on mobile devices. We've also added a new feature to chat called persona. Now you can tell AI to act as a specific type of person, such as a marketing expert, philosopher, or even relationship coach to deliver more personalized outputs.

We've fixed an issue that prevented macOS users from finalizing generated articles. We strongly recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge while using our app. As of now, Safari is incompatible with Yazo. We've also made some small UI fixes to article writer in order to deliver better user experience.

We've also made substantial multi-core optimizations to our server infrastructure, meaning that now you can expect faster content generation, especially while using Article Writer. Besides that, you shouldn't run into any more server load errors, as our servers are now able to support much more users.