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Yazo is the generative AI platform for business and home users that helps you create textual content 10X faster

How it looks?

Everybody can write with Yazo.
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What can you generate with Yazo?

Choose from a number of different writing models to create new content in no time.
Blog Content

Increase your content output and generate quality long-content in seconds.

Social Media & Ads

Create relevant and engaging Facebook ads or Instagram posts that will attract new followers.

eCommerce Help

Quickly generate compelling descriptions for your products and increase sales.


Write code for your apps and solve problems in just a few seconds.

Business Planning

Enhance your business plan with new marketing strategies and analyses.


How Yazo works?

  • 1
    Choose an AI template
    Select one of dozens AI templates to quickly write the text you want.
  • 2
    Give Yazo a bit of context
    Enter a few sentences about the text you wish to write.
  • 3
    Select the best result
    Yazo AI content generator gives you multiple results for each project you are working on.
  • 4
    Edit, polish and publish
    Use Yazo editor to rewrite generated results and polish up sentences. Then, just export the work into your CMS or copy it to clipboard.

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Frequently Asked

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Yazo AI content generator is a cloud service based on large language model (LLM) technology that uses artificial intelligence to generate written content.

Compared to other AI content generators available on the market which exclusively use OpenAI's LLM models, Yazo uses a mix of open source AI models and a modified GPT-3.5 model which is a newer AI model that is faster and more accurate than other AI models.

There are many differences between Yazo and ChatGPT. Firstly, we take your privacy seriously, and don't collect training data without your explicit consent. Secondly, Yazo offers more than base ChatGPT. With Yazo you get Yazo Chat, more than 50 different AI templates, an advanced article writer, WordPress export tool, and much more.

In general, AI-generated content is unique, simply due to the fact that AI systems often approach problems in ways that are fundamentally different from the ways humans do. This can result in content that is quite different from anything written so far.

You as a user of Yazo AI claim the copyright on content generated by your queries. We will not claim copyright over the content generated by the Yazo AI for you.

Yazo AI currently supports more than 25 languages. Although the AI model we use can support even more languages, we limited ourselves to a selection of 25 languages in order to ensure maximum quality of generated content.